C++ api roadmap

Is there a c++ roadmap of some sorts or any plans on further development and potential stable releases?

@GuyangSong I saw you had some PRs for C++! Do you know if there’s a roadmap or do you know who would know more about this?

Yep! C++ API almost available now. We plan to add C++ API to python wheel which can help users to build C++ application easily. Please refer to this PR [C++ worker] support build and add C++ worker to python wheel by SongGuyang · Pull Request #16496 · ray-project/ray · GitHub. But we has a block issue which should be resolved before this PR merged. Maybe this will be done this week and we will discuss with Anyscale any more to make it included in any future release version.
@eg4l Do you have any specific demands about C++ API?

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I’m really sory for my delayed reply.
I do not, at least not yet.
In the future I might need to distribute many inferences running in c++ and I was wondering if ray might be a viable solution that I might use when the time comes.

OK. We plan to release the first version in Ray 1.6.0. Maybe you can get a more stable and convenient C++ API in this future version. Please raise any issues or bugs in this discuss platform or github if needed.