Cpp on Windows missing shared object

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The ray-template is linux-based for the shared object. Is there a way to get shared object for the ray library? I ran pip -U ray[cpp] but no Windows version of the shared object.


It this .so file that prevents successful link step. The code compiled fine. Is there a way to get or generate this “library_api.so” file?

    name = "ray_api",
    srcs = [
    hdrs = glob([
    linkopts = ["-Wl,-rpath, ./"],
    strip_include_prefix = "thirdparty/include",
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"],

I’m not sure Ray’s C++ API is supported on Windows yet. Will forward the question to folks more familiar with this.

Thanks. I would be glad to help in this in any way I can. We implemented a process on python ray and it works great on Windows. Due to integration issues looks like we might be forced to move it to CPP to avoid external dask processes killing rays processes.

It’s not supported on Windows yet. Can you use linux? Is your production environment also Windows?

If I could have switched to Linux I would have already. The ultimate target is Linux but that does not help now. However, the CPP build page does have instructions for building on Windows. If it’s not supported why provide build instructions? Here is the link to that build page.

@Ray_rlw Sorry for the doc. I have created a PR to notice that. [C++ API][Doc] Add doc and error log to notice C++ API is not supported on Windows by SongGuyang · Pull Request #23272 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

But we should support Windows in future. We will discuss about this in slack.

Can I join your discussion in Slack?

Sure. join this new channel Slack