Take our Ray Community Survey!

Take the Ray Community Pulse Survey here!

The survey should take 5 minutes :slight_smile: We are looking forward to hearing from everyone in our community — from people just trying out Ray to long time users and contributors. We value everyone’s feedback.

What we want to know in 2021

Your use case and requests

As the number of users have grown, we want to do our best to have our survey represent everyone using Ray. Some of this is about better understanding your use cases, libraries, and services you use alongside Ray. Even more is about understanding the context of your requests.

Your tools, language(s), and OS

Due to the popularity of Ray, there are now Java and C++ APIs. Understanding how these API’s are being used as well as some common pain points will allow us to make the experience as frictionless as possible. Additionally, understanding a bit about your infrastructure, Ray client usage, and how you launch Ray clusters will enable us to better prioritize features.

See our blog post for more details!