Does ray support C++ to python cross programming

Can we have a job1 which is based on ray cpp API and job2 which is based on ray python API.
Is this currently supported

I’m not 100% sure, but would expect it to work since Ray works cross-language: you can call into a different language: Cross-Language Programming — Ray 2.24.0

Any reasons to think it would not work?


Yes, you can have one job that utilizes the Ray C++ API and another job that uses the Ray Python API. Ray supports interoperability between Python and C++, allowing you to build distributed applications that leverage both languages seamlessly. You can implement the functionality you need in C++ for one job and then utilize the Python API for another job without any issues. Ray handles the communication and coordination between these components transparently, enabling you to focus on developing your application logic efficiently.

Hope it helps !

Thank you