VScode breakpoint will be bypassed even with local_mode=True

How severe does this issue affect your experience of using Ray?

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I am writing a DL training framework that leverages Ray Train and Ray Tune. Unlike my previous experience with RLLib, VScode breakpoints that I set in Ray Train processes would be passed despite I set local_mode=True in Ray 2.1.0. Which forced me to use Ray Debug, which is not convenient for Test Driven Development.

Is this an expected behavior for Ray Train, or is it a bug? Or is there anything I missed?

Hi Team, is this a known issue? Or we have plan to allow synchronized debugging in Ray Train?

Hey @heng2j, sorry for the late response. Local_mode has been hard to maintain and I suspect it won’t work quite well with Ray Train.

A couple options for you include:

  1. Setting num_workers=0 or num_workers=1.
  2. Using Ray Debug.

I’d be curious about your experience with Ray Debug. What makes it inconvenient?