Add breakpoint to Ray Serve deployment

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Hi all, I first set a local Ray Cluster with ray start --head --ray-debugger-external, then I use the following code snippet for a Ray Serve Deployment.

app = FastAPI()
ray.init(address="auto", namespace="serve")

@serve.deployment(route_prefix="/api1", num_replicas=1)
class FastAPIWrapper1:
    async def method(self):
        a = 7
        return "Hello 1!"


After sending a request to the endpoint, I could see this info in Ray Dashboard: RemotePdb session open at, use 'ray debug' to connect.... But I could not see any breakpoint index after inputting ray debug in terminal, how should I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Which Ray version are you using? Is it happening in ray 2.0? @Rui
cc: @sangcho

Hmm I think I can reproduce the issue. Do you mind creating an issue? Maybe a bug from the ray debugger