Rust language bindings

After searching for a bit and not finding anything[*], are there any plans or known efforts to create Rust language bindings for Ray? Thank you for the great project!

[*] actually searching is not easy, there is apparently raylib bindings which is a lib for video games and ray the raytracer as crate already

Unfortunately there is not in the short term!

great feature request though :slight_smile: what are you trying to do with ray?

We are moving more and more of our data processing components/pieces/stages from Python to Rust due to performance. There is also the question of doing dynamic (where are currently cores available?) distributed processing and Ray is a candidate for that. I don’t have a full understanding of how everything works yet, so maybe I’m misguided, but integrating functional components - data incoming, do something, data output - written in Rust for integration via Ray would enable piece by piece migration when pieces are rewritten in Rust?
Looking forward to the Ray aarch64 builds so I can do more experimentation and prototyping of that in homeoffice lockdown … :wink:

Hmm interesting :slight_smile:

Maybe also try GitHub - PyO3/pyo3: Rust bindings for the Python interpreter inside Ray tasks?

PyO3 is nice, but then you still have to keep a full Python installation around? xkcd: Python Environment

Maybe an alternative would be to create Rust language bindings and then Ray base framework is C++ and actual functions performing work are Rust - no other language needed? Just thinking aloud - and maybe I’m just misguided…