Ray Tune - how to load trial results from a different location?

Hello! I’ve recently started using Ray.io and I think it’s awesome. However I’m struggling to load my results after the tuning ends. I tried both Tuner.restore and ExperimentAnalysis(path) with the same results.
I’m running my hyper parameter tuning on a cluster. After it’s done I’d like to have access to the trial data to visualise them (with pareto front). How can I do that?

When I run it locally and load directly from the ~/ray_results/experiment directory, it works. However I noticed that when I change the experiment directory name I have an error:

Could not fetch metrics for xxx: both result.json and progress.csv were not found

And I can see in the error that ray tries to load them from the old, non existent directory.
It seems that there are some hardcoded absolute paths in the experiment state?
I think this is the reason why I cannot load my results from the cluster as well - I download them using ray rsync-down, meaning some paths in the experiment don’t work anymore.

How this should be done? How can I access my results in the cluster locally to analyse them?

Yeah I can see in the error paths that they refer to home/ray/ray_results(...), path from my cluster.
Is there a way to update that when loading results into the Tuner?

I’m using ray 2.7.1

Hey @slawomirbiernacki ,
I have the same problem that I shared in this issue.
Please let me know if you find a solution.

This is a known issue that’s being tracked here: [Train/Tune] Restore an experiment from a different machine/path · Issue #40585 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

Targeting a fix for Ray 2.9, but will keep this thread updated if a nightly is available earlier for you to use. Thanks for raising this issue.