Tune results saved in ~/ray_results in addition to local storage_dir if TUNE_RESULT_DIR not set

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When setting the ray.train.RunConfig() storage_path param to a local folder,
I’ve noticed that ray saves the results of a tune run in ~/ray_results in addition to the storage_path. Sample code:

from ray import tune
from ray.train import CheckpointConfig, RunConfig
from ray.tune.examples.mnist_pytorch import train_mnist

storage_path = "/tmp/ray_results"
exp_name = "tune_analyzing_results"

tuner = tune.Tuner(
        "lr": tune.loguniform(0.001, 0.04),
        "momentum": tune.grid_search([0.8, 0.9]),
        stop={"training_iteration": 100},
    tune_config=tune.TuneConfig(mode="max", metric="mean_accuracy",
result_grid = tuner.fit()

If one sets TUNE_RESULT_DIR to the same folder as whatever storage_path is set before running the code, this does not occur. This behavior seems strange; if storage_path is set but TUNE_RESULT_DIR is not set, I would have thought that the results should only be stored in storage_path and not additionally in the default ~/ray_results folder assumed when TUNE_RESULT_DIR is not set.

I’m using ray 2.7.1 and pytorch 2.0.0.post102 on MacOS 13.6.

Hi lebedov,

I recently got the same issue as yours.
I found only you mentioned this.

Could you please show me how to set "TUNE_RESULT_DIR " as you mentioned?


You can either set the environmental variable within whatever shell you are using prior to running the script, e.g.,

export TUNE_RESULT_DIR=/desired/results/path
python name_of_your_script.py

or set it within your script prior to importing ray:

import os
storage_path = '/desired/results/path'
os.environ['TUNE_RESULT_DIR'] = storage_path
from ray import tune
from ray.train import RunConfig
tuner = tune.Tuner(
    run_config = RunConfig(
        name = 'my_experiment',
        storage_path = storage_path
    tune_config = Tune.TuneConfig(...)
result_grid = tuner.fit()

Thank you for your prompt reply! That saved my life!

I am also getting the same issue on Ray 2.7.1. Glad to know this is a bug and there is a workaround for now.

The following command will solve the problem:

os.environ[“RAY_AIR_LOCAL_CACHE_DIR”] = your_local_dir