Ray Client installation incompatible with server


I am deploying a RayCluster to AKS, and I would appreciate your support to overcome this issue.

My AKS architecture is pretty standard: an AKS pod where I deployed my python application connects to the RayCluster head node and consequently, it runs parallel jobs and my python app reads the results back. The base image that is installed in the RayCluster Autoscaler seems to have Python 3.10.4 installed, and so I made all the necessary updates to the python version used by the AKS pod. However, I am now encountering a Ray specific issue.

The issue I am referring to happens when I deploy my AKS pod and start the communication with the RayCluster head node. I did update the image that the head/worker nodes use to: rayproject/ray:2.0.0-py310 and I updated my AKS pod’s image installing the ray[default] library in python.

However, the exception I caught was even more subtle than I was expecting:

My questions are:

  1. Do you plan on releasing an official Ray image with the October Ray release date, that has Python 3.10.4? (better)
  2. If not, where can I find an official Ray image (for the RayCluster h/w nodes) with the July Ray release? (suboptimal)

Thank you for your help and support.