Autoscaler not scaling up the worker node when using image rayproject/ray:1.11.0-py38

I have installed the Ray Cluster in EKS using Ray Operator. The operator image is rayproject/ray:1.11.0-py38.
I have installed with 2 setup. One with 1 head node and worker configured to be autoscaled with 0 to 50. In this setup I can see that no workers nodes are created and all the computation happens on the head node. Even when I set rayResource to 0, all the actors/jobs are in pending state. Same happens when the workers are set to be autoscaled from 1 to 50. No worker nodes are created. I checked the autoscaler logs and found the following logs.

 0.0/2.0 CPU
 0.00/2.877 GiB memory
 0.00/0.673 GiB object_store_memory

 {}: 2+ pending tasks/actors

But when I use the image rayproject/ray:v1.11.0, it works fine. But this image have the python 3.7 where as the application I am working on requires the python to be 3.8.x.

Alternatively, I have replaced the ray operator with kuberay but the issue is same. I used the following container spec and the results is same.

- name: autoscaler
            image: rayproject/ray:d3159f-py38
            imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
              - name: RAY_CLUSTER_NAMESPACE
                    fieldPath: metadata.namespace
              - name: RAY_CLUSTER_NAME
                value: prediction-ray-cluster
            command: ["ray"]
              - "kuberay-autoscaler"
              - "--cluster-name"
              - "$(RAY_CLUSTER_NAME)"
              - "--cluster-namespace"
              - "$(RAY_CLUSTER_NAMESPACE)"
                  cpu: "500m"
                  memory: "1024Mi"
                  cpu: "250m"
                  memory: "512Mi"
              - mountPath: /tmp/ray
                name: ray-logs

Am I missing some configuration? I have tried this a lot but I am stuck on how to proceed.
Thank You

@Alex , can you please help Susanta?

@Susanta_Gautam I noticed your code snippet refers to an autoscaler node, are you also changing the container image name on head and worker nodes too?

Hi @Alex , Sorry for late reply.

Actually I got it working by defining the resource request for computation.

Thank You