More programmable API that has same output as `ray memory` command

Hi guys,

It would be awesome to add API that has same output as ray memory command.
Also, it would be good to add some additional output info for ray.objects(). For example, node IP, IDs of objects which are created in in-process stores, IDs of objects from remote calls (when remote calls are still being executed).

Thanks in advance!

+1. Would also like APIs to get the information in ray dashboard.

Do y’all mind filing a feature request on github for this? (contributions also welcome :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Sure, I have created the issue #13792 on github :slight_smile:

@sangcho don’t we have an existing API in the dashboard for this? Could you provide some pointers here?

Yeah you can get this information using ray/ at master · ray-project/ray · GitHub

For example, this PR uses the same API to implement ray memory;

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