Missing Ray Dashboard

I am not sure what the dashboard is meant to display as I have never used it.


Shows me this:

But, the URL leads me to: didn’t send any data.

Did you install ray[default]?

btw, it’s recommended to post dashboard-related questions in #dashboard category for faster response.

Is it possible to move this thread now?

I did a subire pip install ray
Will default install more items?

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Yes. pip install ray doesn’t include dashboard to minimize the dependencies. You need to run pip install "ray[default]" to inlcude it

Requirement already satisfied: ray[default] in c:\users\mr_x\anaconda3\envs\gtai2\lib\site-packages (2.3.0)

But re-installing to ray-2.4.0 worked (the dashboard is visible) even tho I get the following error:
WARNING: Ignoring invalid distribution -rpcio (c:\users\nadir\anaconda3\envs\gtai2\lib\site-packages)

@NDR008 Note that the windows support is still in beta.

Are seeing any errors using Ray after what @Huaiwei_Sun suggested to do pip install[default] besides the warning messages?

Nope. Seems to all work fine (was not sure what the dashboard is for, but I can see the job running, and CPU load).


@NDR008 the dashboard gives your observability lenses into various resource consumption by Ray Tasks, Actors, CPU RAM, GPU DRAM, heapspace, object store etc.

In the OSS source version, you have to install Grafana and Prometheus to see the time-series data of these resources.

I’m going to mark this as resolved.

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