Dashboard appears for split second then blank

I have been playing around with ray the past few days specially the rllib tutorial. I can’t seem to get the dashboard to work though and it’s really frustrating. No errors when I use ray.init() and it give me a ‘webui_url’: ‘’ so that seems good. I installed ray with pip install ray[default] as it was missing dependencies for the dashboard originally.

Python - 3.8
Ray - 1.9.1
aiohttp - 3.8.1 (Someone said this maybe an issue in another post? I tried to downgrade with no luck)

Would really appreciate any help! Thanks.

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getting the same issue with ray 1.9.1

I’ve been seeing this behavior for a while, not sure of the cause. One thing I noticed today is that ray1.9.1 on my mac shows the dashboard. Ray starts and tells me that the dashboard address is

Ray1.9.1 on ubuntu 20.04 I get a connection refused (firewall not active) and tells me the ray address is 10.x.y.z:6379 but does NOT report a dashboard address