How to customize a physical operator in ray 2.7.1,I used custom stage before

Hello,I have some bussiness logical can’t archive from default operator in plan_all_to_all_op func?

Here is the background, I already write a custom stage and it works in old version 2.3.0,
Recently I upgrade my ray to 2.7.1, but it seems in 2.7.1,it use new physical operator,and it hard code the operator logic and I can’t customize it with change ray lib code.
In my understanding now, the old stage you can set your ‘op’ and ‘plan’, which is ExchangeTaskSpec and ExchangeTaskScheduler now, but in 2.7.1, you can’t customize this, because it already hard coded in plan_all_to_all_op

So what can I customize it or can I still use old stage in 2.7.1

@Stephanie_Wang I search the github it seems you recently change the codes, would please give me some help, thanks a lot