Customize the Ray binary in head and worker nodes


Our use case requires us to invoke ray start from a shiv executable. I was wondering if it’s possible to customize the Ray binary in the kuberay operator. On light reading of the code, “ray start” seems to be hardcoded.

Is there anything that I am missing or is it not supported? And would you be willing to accept a PR that adds support for taking path to ray binary as an input from user?


Do you mind filing a feature request on github for this? This seems like a reasonable request and github would be the detail of how to support the usecase. Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

The docs could be improved here — I believe if you specify “command” and “args” it will use those for the entrypoint, overriding the “Ray start” formatting logic.

Oh, it looks like cmd and args are overwritten if they don’t contain “ray start”.
That’s not desirable. Would you mind opening an issue in the KubeRay GitHub describing your use case?