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I am on Ray 2.0 and training PPO with a Dirichlet action space.

I am training my model like this:

 tuner = tune.Tuner("PPO", param_space=config,
                                        name =  experiment_name,
    results =

Where does the “custom_action_dict” parameter goes now? Since the new config dict has changed from the old examples on the website.

To give more background, these are all the steps I performed:

  1. Import the “Simplex” action space from RLLIB and use it in the init on self_action_space

    from ray.rllib.utils.spaces.simplex import Simplex

  2. Import the Dirichlet action space from RLLIB:
    from ray.rllib.models.torch.torch_action_dist import TorchDirichlet as Dirichlet

  3. Register the new action space:
    from ray.rllib.models import ModelCatalog
    ModelCatalog.register_custom_action_dist("Dirichlet", Dirichlet)

  4. Pass the “custom_action_dict” to the trainer.
    This is the part that I don’t know how to do (when using Tune to train) since the config dict has changed on Ray 2.0 from the examples on the website.

Hello @mannyv . Thank you very much for your pointer, but I guess there is something else going on. I am getting this error, which is usually a “catch all” (or “red herring”) for some other error somewhere else:

AttributeError: 'PPO' object has no attribute '_warmup_time'

The error above is missleading, as I believe this is the issue going on (see below). RLLIB is trying to calculate the KL divergence and is calling the Dirichlet Class for it. I am not sure whether I am doing the steps correctly and importing the right things

 File "/usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/ray/rllib/models/torch/", line 643, in kl
    return self.dist.kl_divergence(other.dist)
AttributeError: 'Dirichlet' object has no attribute 'kl_divergence'

I see on the official implementation here of the Dirichlet Class that the existing method is called “kl” and not “kl_divergence”

To me, in the official code here this line is missing:

 def kl(self, other):
        return torch.distributions.kl.kl_divergence(self.dist, other.dist)

I’ve created a minimal example of the error here:

To me, this is a bug. Either the KL-divergence is not correct, and should be amended as I propose. Or the option I am using now in my code is to just delete the KL method and have it retrieved from the parent class.

Hey @Username1, You are right. Thanks for bringing up the bug. I have just made a PR to fix this issue. Torch.Dirchelet is not something we have good test coverage for.

The fix basically inherits the default kl computation logic from parent which is indeed what you suggested.

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Thank you angel for coming to my rescue! I’ve been scratching my head for a week! Cheers and case closed!