How to access Ray Dashboard from Google Colab

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Please note: I am one elapsed hour into my Ray journey - total newbie.

I am using Google Colab to learn ML, MLOps, etc. I am currently learning about Ray.

My Colab notebook has the following cell:

!pip install -U "ray[data,train,tune,serve]"

which when executed results in (a lot of logging ending in):

Successfully installed aiohttp-cors-0.7.0 colorful-0.5.6 distlib-0.3.8 fastapi-0.110.0 h11-0.14.0 httptools-0.6.1 opencensus-0.11.4 opencensus-context-0.1.3 py-spy-0.3.14 python-dotenv-1.0.1 ray-2.10.0 starlette-0.36.3 tensorboardX- uvicorn-0.29.0 uvloop-0.19.0 virtualenv-20.25.1 watchfiles-0.21.0 websockets-12.0

After that I have the following cell:

import ray

if ray.is_initialized():

which when executed results in output like the following:

2024-03-29 18:26:01,586 INFO – Started a local Ray instance. View the dashboard at
Python version: 3.10.12
Ray version: 2.10.0

Now I want to access the Dashboard to explore it, but obviously it is not at

Please could someone let me know how I can access it, if I can?

I guess you may need to port forward it to your local host somehow?

I think this is more of a colab question? Saw some related posts like this

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@Huaiwei_Sun that’s brilliant, thanks a lot. That really helped. It lead me to this article about advanced outputs in Colab which gave me the following solution:

from google.colab import output

which when executed presents a link to the Dashboard.

Thanks again.