[Debugger] Empty breakpoint list

I am trying to inspect an issue with ray debug.

I set the breakpoint and wait to see:
(ConnectionWorker pid=13641) RemotePdb session open at localhost:36463, use 'ray debug' to connect

Then I open the container that is running Ray and run ray debug, and find the list is empty.

Active breakpoints:
index | timestamp | Ray task | filename:lineno
Enter breakpoint index or press enter to refresh: 

What could be the issue?


  1. Not that it should be a problem, but I run this in a single docker container with entrypoint:
# Start ray
ray start --head --port=6379 --redis-shard-ports=6380,6381 --object-manager-port=22345 --node-manager-port=22346  --dashboard-host= --metrics-export-port=8090

# Run job
python /code/bin/main.py

# Block to keep container running
tail -f /dev/null