Debugger breakpoint not trigged in basic script

I have the following script.

import ray

def f(document_batch):
    return document_batch

def main():
    pdf_paths = ["/path/to/my/files"]
    pdf_data_set =
    pdf_data_set = pdf_data_set.map_batches(f)

if __name__ == "__main__":

It works. The files in /path/to/my/files are loaded into the dataset and shown.

If put a breakpoint on return document_batch it is not triggered. I verified that breakpoints inside the main function are triggered, and a 5/0 line in f raises a divide by zero exception.

The same thing happens if I use an actor pool compute strategy.

Other times I’ve had debugging work. Still other times I’ve had different problems with the debugger.

Is this expected behavior? Is there anything I can do to work around it or further debug?

  • Ray 2.3.1
  • Python 3.9.16
  • PyCharm 2021.2.3 Community Edition
  • OS X 13.3