How can I install ray1.8 without C++ support on Linux

Our project is cpp+python+ray, there are many common libraries with ray, such as, GRPC.
Before ray1.7.0, everything works fine, however, when we upgrade to ray1.7, conflicts arises.
Our cpp engineer judged the root cause is common libraries.

So, can anyone can tell me how can I install ray without C++ support.
Or, is there other solution?

Thx a lot!

This is a known issue. The issue should be resolved in 1.9 release which will come out in a week or so. [Bug] Ray 1.7 and 1.8 ray.init hangs when some versions of Python gRPC library is used due to global symbol export · Issue #20132 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

I test 1.9.0rc1, it works.
Thx a lot!