Cannot connect to GCS

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start a minikube cluster
deploy kuberay operator and ray-cluster to minikube cluster by using the helm chart in the kuberay repo with latest version following the readme instruction
do a kubectl port-forward for port 8265
submit a job to this ray cluster like this ‘ray job submit --address localhost:8265 – python3’ then it returned this error:

WARNING – Unable to connect to GCS at Check that (1) Ray GCS with matching version started successfully at the specified address, and (2) there is no firewall setting preventing access.

I checked the version of my local ray package and the version of the head pod and worker pod, all of them are 2.2.0.

Can you try http://localhost:8265 instead?

Related issue: [Jobs] Specifying API server address without `http://` raises unhelpful error "Unable to connect to GCS at localhost:8265" · Issue #32736 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

yeah, it actually works with the prefix.