Autocomplete in pycharm

I rely on auto complete all the time.
Ray remote functions and actors do not seem to support auto complete.

Has anyone come across that problem?

For example:

import time
import ray

ray.init(num_cpus=4)  # Specify this system has 4 CPUs.
class Counter:
    def __init__(self):
        self.value = 0

    def increment(self, dfdf:int):
        self.value += 1
        return self.value

    def get_counter(self):
        return self.value

counter_actor = Counter.remote()

When I now type


in pycharm, the methods of the counter Class are not available:

when I type


the argument name dfdf is not being offered and no tool tips are displayed.

How can I remedy this situation?

Documented this here. [core] autocomplete for ray.remote wrapped functions/classes · Issue #24415 · ray-project/ray · GitHub