Actor & Actorless call convention

if I have

class Blah : .....

class Blah : pass

I want my code to work in both cases i.e. :

if obj is REMOTE? :
else :	

How do I do the check ??

BETTER YET : can I skip the check at all ?

how about using isinstance(obj, Blah)? IMHO you can create helper for it but probably not a good idea to skip the check, as they are fundamentally different types

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how about if i wanna check is_remote() instead … this way the check will also work for Foo and Bar ?

And then I want it to work also for method2(), method3() … too much repetitive if-else otherwise

Hi @vsraptor

You can implement your own is_remote() function as follows:

def is_remote(obj):
   return hasattr(obj, "remote") or isinstance(obj,
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