Facing issues with @remote function on Python

I have been trying to run a sample example program on a cluster node ray setup. But i have only setup on a single machine.

Annotated the class with @ray.remote . when i invoked the ray.get(On the class object method)

I see the following exception.

File “/home/sumanthn/elevo-0.0.1/elevo_venv/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/ray/function_manager.py”, line 446, in _load_actor_class_from_local
actor_class = getattr(module, class_name)
AttributeError: module ‘main’ has no attribute ‘Counter’

I have tried adding the my python code path to job_config=ray.job_config.JobConfig(code_search_path=)

But still it doesn’t work

PFA for the logs . Below is my code

import ray
import sys

ray.init(address='auto', job_config=ray.job_config.JobConfig(code_search_path=sys.path))

class Counter(object):
  def __init__(self):
        self.x = 0

  def inc(self):
       self.x += 1

 def get_value(self):
     return self.x

# Create an actor process.
c = Counter.remote()

# Check the actor's counter value.
print(ray.get(c.get_value.remote()))  # 0

# Increment the counter twice and check the value again.
print(ray.get(c.get_value.remote()))  # 2

This worked for me. What version of Ray are you using & What’s your OS? Can you try again after uninstalling & reinstalling the latest version of ray?

Ray version is 1.2.0 . CentOS . It’s a cluster setup , but currently only one node is configured. In my case ray is already started outside this program. It is unable to locate this python class program and run. My question should be how to run a program on ray which is already initialized.

Hmm it is hard to say with the current information… @rliaw do you know how to troubleshoot this type of issues?

Can you please disable the job_config parameter?

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It has worked ! So removing

From the ray init worked for me . To summarize , the whole issue . I was getting the error

RuntimeError: Actor Counter failed to be imported from local code.Error Message: module ‘main’ has no attribute ‘Counter’
An unexpected internal error occurred while the worker was executing a task.

Ray version is 1.2.0 . I mentioned job config in ray.init assuming that , ray would pick the current working directory of my code. But it wasn’t working. Removing job config worked for me. Thank you very much @rliaw

Another question related to this , in our project code search path is required because of a cross language reference . Therefore it fails under such circumstances . @rliaw . Any suggestions how to tackle this.

@raulchen could you provide some help here?

This problem has been fixed by this PR: Fix load code from local by fyrestone · Pull Request #12102 · ray-project/ray · GitHub

Hi @SumanthDatta this bug is fixed by Fix load code from local by fyrestone · Pull Request #12102 · ray-project/ray · GitHub. The fix will be available in the next release.
For now, you can work around it by defining the Counter class in a different file.