ARM64 nodes install RayCluster issues

I am unable to install Raycluster. I am unable to decipher which image to use for ARM64 ubuntu nodes cluster. Please help!!

This is what i did
helm install raycluster kuberay/ray-cluster --version 1.1.0 --set image.repository=rayproject/ray --set image.tag=2.10.0rn.f4a6ae-py311-aarch64

~ $ kubectl logs raycluster-kuberay-head-d59f5 -c ray-head
/bin/bash: line 1:     9 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) ray start --head --memory=2000000000 --dashboard-host= --metrics-export-port=8080 --block --dashboard-agent-listen-port=52365 --num-cpus=1