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I used to be on kuberay operator 0.4.0 and have upgraded to 1.0.0. The ray cluster chart also is on the latest version.

When I am trying to install a Ray Cluster, I am getting this error:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: template: ray-cluster/templates/raycluster-cluster.yaml:180:20: executing “ray-cluster/templates/raycluster-cluster.yaml” at <.Values.worker.disabled>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.worker

My template is passing workers dictionary with disabled = False and I am not sure why it is throwing a nil pointer error.

I am also finding that line 180 in the new raycluster-clusters.yaml file starts after the old raycluster in 0.4.0 ended i.e after
{{- end }}
{{- end }}

In other words the 0.4.0 raycluster-clusters.yaml file has much fewer template code and ended before I am getting the error. I am not sure they are correlated.

But failure to deploy RayCluster hinders the team productivity. I need some pointers on how to debug this.

Thanks, Charu

Hi @ckapoor , sorry you’re running into this. Can you try following the steps here?

If that doesn’t work, would you mind sharing your RayCluster spec? It would be ideal if you could reproduce this error locally using a kindcluster.