Workflows release date

I would like to get an idea of when can we see a release of the workflows functionality. Documentation indicates availability of an Alpha in 1.7, but does not give an indication of when 1.7 would be released. If anyone can provide any idea of the release targets for this year and when we should expect to see Ray workflows released, that would be great!


hi @wdapalma thanks for your interest in Ray workflows! @yic is pushing for this feature and I’ll let him give you the update.

Hi @wdapalma,
If everything goes well, we’ll have 1.7 within Sep. If you like to give it a try, you can install the nightly build by ray install-nightly. But keep in mind that the doc is a little bit (not a lot I believe) out of date, and I’m currently working on updating that.

Yi Cheng.

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