Release schedule and alpha-features

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It seems that the Ray-Team is releasing new versions on a monthly basis roughly.
Also, a lot of features seem to be in alpha or subject to heavy changes at the moment.
Furthermore, there are docs available for e.g., which seem to majorly rework some core features (e.g. ray train).

I was wondering if there is a rough release schedule for future versions including planned changes.

What I am particularly interested in:

  1. When is 2.0.0 due? (Is this still on track [RFC] Ray 2.0 Feature Proposals · Issue #22833 · ray-project/ray · GitHub)
  2. When will KubeRay be the “default”/recommended way to spin up clusters? Will other methods be deprecated at some point?
  3. Ray Graph Deployment Graph — Ray 1.13.0 seems to be quite useful, is there a plan for when this will be out of alpha?
  4. Since 3.0.0 seems to refactor some major things, is there a release plan for this?

I’m not expecting exact release dates here, just a general direction if possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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