Which port should a Java client use to connect to a Ray cluster

Hi, I have a Java client submitting jobs to a ray cluster (python). From this doc, Cross-language programming — Ray v1.6.0, I added two vm options to my java app, -Dray.address=xxx:6379 -Dray.job.code-search-path=xxx and use Ray.init() to establish the connection. It worked for my local ray cluster but got connection issues when I tried to connect to my real cluster running on top of k8s.

My k8s ray cluster is set up following this doc: Deploying on Kubernetes — Ray v1.6.0. I understand I have to forward port as I did for 8000 and 8265, however when I try to forward port 6379 using this command: kubectl -n xxx port-forward --address service/xxx-dev-ray-head 6379:6379, I got: error: Service xxx-dev-ray-head does not have a service port 6379. However, from ray/raycluster.yaml at master · ray-project/ray · GitHub I do see 6379 is specified together with 8000, 8265 and 10001.

Is 6379 the correct port to use for client to connect with k8s ray cluster?


I figured it out myself … I could achieve that by adding something like above to the template file