What'd be the best way to export ray cluster service to the internet?

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I am trying to launch a ray cluster on k8s and latest doc suggests helm. I managed to install a ray cluster using helm. However, I want to export the port of dashboard to the internet so that I don’t need to run port-forward every time. Then I modified the existing service configuration and then it worked. My first question is: what should I do if I want to add annotations to service dynamically to the helm chart so that I don’t have to add it after the cluster is created?

I also found 1.1.0 (Deploying on Kubernetes — Ray v1.1.0) allowed deploying from a yaml file directly. Will it be encourage to use for the latest version as well without installing crd?

Thanks for your time.

cc @Dmitri for helm chart and CRD question

Hi there – for now, you will have to modify the service by hand.

Making network configuration simple is on our minds – this will be smoother in the future.