What is the minimum gcc/g++ version required to build Ray ? g++-4.9 gives me some compiling error

This line complains when compiling with g++4.9

Hey thanks for asking! So given that g++ 4.9 supports c++14 (with the -std=c++14 flag), it should be possible to support it. What is the error message? Can you contribute a fix as a PR?

I think we need gcc-5.
Most of the features supported in c++ 14 are in gcc5. Compiler support for C++14 - cppreference.com

Ah thanks for the clarification, that makes sense!

Actually it failed on this type of code:

void func(std::map<int, int>& arg={}) {


Error message with gcc4.9

error: could not convert '<brace-enclosed initializer list>()' from '<brace-enclosed initializer list>' to 'std::map<int, int>&'
 void func(std::map<int, int>& arg={}) {}

It passed on both >= g+±5

I think we use this style for the default variables, and it is probably not supported in the old compiler…

We should add a checker in bazel to make sure the compiler supports 14.

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@yic do you mind creating a PR for that?

Sure, I can put that.

@sangcho I searched around, but I didn’t find a good way to do this :frowning: