What is the develop progress of connect multiple clusters or task level workdir?

Hello, I want to connect multiple ray clusters and I wish I can set workdir per-actor
I read the doc Ray Client: Interactive Development — Ray 2.2.0
It say this is still experimental。
I will describe my use case below,and some doubts I have:
1.I am design a framework for ml, there is a component ‘job_consumer’ can consume task in json format from some queue,in these json,have information about which ray cluster this task should run on, for the purpose like resource isolate,but now I guess I can’t use this feature?
2.Or even two task submitted at same cluster,these task have different workdir,but as I read from the doc,we can only set workdir when the first time we call ray.init

I don’t know how to deal with scenario 1,but for scenario 2, I use a lot of copying move files to same fixed workdir with renaming, and it works

Thanks all the contributors of ray project, and I benifit alot
I don’t mean to push you finish the features
I just need some work around, would please me give some advice, thank you again

1 - There is no native way to connect multiple Ray clusters, so you’ll have to build out some type of router yourself. For production settings, it’s recommended to use Kubernetes for Ray deployment, and this should make it easier to manage and route to multiple Ray clusters.

2 - For managing different working directories (and really any other kind of environment dependency), you can use Ray jobs.

Please note that Ray Client is meant for interactive development, similar to an ipython experience, so it’s probably not what you’re looking for.