Can I share Ray Queue in multiple nodes?

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I am starting ray cluster with custom resources in each node using cluster.yaml file. For example:

node1 resources => {"work1" : 1}
node2 resources => {"work2" : 1}
node3 resources => {"work3" : 1}

In my pipeline, I have three actors,

cam_actor (resource required : `work1` to force it to  run  in node1,
det_actor (resource required : `work2` to force it to  run  in node2,
stream_actor (resource required : `work3` to force it to  run  in node3

Now, to pass data from one actor to another, I have two ray queues,

frame_queue (to share data between cam and det)
det_queue (to share data between det and stream)

Here, my question is, is it valid / preferable to share ray queue between multiple nodes?
If yes, How ray queue internally works for multiple nodes?

or What are the other ways to share data between multiple nodes?