What happened with Ray AI Runtime?

Hello, I am new to Ray, I have been reading the book “Learning Ray: Flexible Distributed Python for Machine Learning” and chapter 10 is about Ray air, but I cannot find official documentation for it, so my question is: What happened to Ray Air? Was it removed from Ray?
Thanks for his answers.

Hey Nimito; welcome to Ray! Is this the book from O’Reilly? Regarding your question AIR isn’t necessarily removed but more simplified.

The original idea around Ray AIR was to provide a software abstraction to go from Data > Train > Serve without having to leave the Ray “namespace”.

However, what we learned from practice is that most users in the ML community prefer to stick to the stacks (eg: Lightning with Ray Train) and not have to adopt/rewrite yet another ML concept.

What we did starting in Ray 2.7 forwards is remove the AIR substrate, make Data, Train, and Serve super usability and extensible into other ML libraries and make sure they work super well together with clearly defined interfaces and object contracts.

Yes, it is, thanks for your response, I’m looking forward to a new Ray book with a more updated version, it is amazing.

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