Getting Started with Ray & Online Ressources

HI all,

I am fairly new with ray and currently working on a hierarchical RL setup which is relatively complex (I used StableBaselines3 before but switched when I turned my model into a Hierarchical RL setup).
I often find the online resources confusing, especially when dealing with custom ENVs and more complex setups.
Besides the “Learning Ray” book - which is a bit superficial - is there an online tutorial/course that goes into more depth that you can recommend that can help getting started using Ray especially for custom setups?

Your help is highly appreciated!

Are you talking about resources in terms of RLlib specifically? Or in general about the Ray libraries?

This is a bit early stage, but the training team at Anyscale has been developing self-paced educational materials to go through here:

These are tutorials/exercises that we go over during in-person training sessions.

@Raphael_Meier There is also our training material we use for Ray Summit 2023 classes