Value Branch In

In what kind of situations would I use the value_branch in FullyConnectedNetwork in ?

Since I am only using the forward pass, I don’t see any use of the value_branch. In which situations should it be used?

Also how can I bypass initializing model parameters for the value branch if I don’t need it ?

Hi @Zhao_Pengfei,

It is primarily used by the policy gradient algorithms in the loss function and for computing the advantages on a sequence of episode steps.

If you do not have t need it you have two options.

The first is to ignore it if the only issue with having it there and not using it is wasting a little memory. If you use the default setting of "vf_share_layers": True there will be only 1 extra layer.

Your other option is to create your own custom model without a value branch/layer. Here are the documentation and example of a simple custom model.