Using options with conditional decorator

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I’ve set up conditional decorators using the usual form:

def foo:
if a:
    foo_remote = ray.remote(foo)
    foo_remote = foo

but I’ve been unable to do the same thing with options like
Can anyone point me to a way to use conditionals with arguments?
Many thanks!

I think you need to return the def for this to work ie:

To use conditionals with arguments in a decorator, you can define a function that returns the decorated function with the desired arguments. Here’s an example using ray.remote:

def remote_decorator(a):
    if a:
        return ray.remote(max_retries=10)
        return ray.remote()

def f():

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In this example, f will be decorated with ray.remote(max_retries=10) if a is True, and with ray.remote() otherwise.

If this still doesn’t work can you cp in the error on execution and we can debug from there?

Thanks so much. makes complete sense!