Update image in RayCluster Helm Chart

Hi, I built a custom image on top of image rayproject/ray and wants to deploy it with RayCluster helm chart. kuberay/helm-chart/ray-cluster at master · ray-project/kuberay · GitHub

I used helmrelease to deploy the chart. It looks something like this:

apiVersion: helm.toolkit.fluxcd.io/v2beta1
kind: HelmRelease
  name: ray-cluster
      chart: ray-cluster
        kind: HelmRepository
        name: kuberay
      version: 0.5.0 # helm:autoupdate:kuberay
      repository:  my_private_ecr_repo
      tag: custom_image_tag  
  interval: 1m0s
  releaseName: ray-cluster

The issue i find is updating the values in this helmrelease, e.g. image tag, will update the raycluster custom resource in my k8s cluster, but won’t reload the workers and head. Is there anything i miss here? thx!

I’m not sure if helm can take care of this kind of changes, if the version of the chart is the same but the values have changed. Did you try helm uninstall and re-install?