Tune.run is not writing tensorboard log file

I am using Tune.run with ppo as RL algorithm. It is not emitting tensorboard log file. Please tell me What to modify so that it emits tensorboard log file. Thanking you in advance.

Tensorboard logging should be enabled by default. What version of Ray do you have? Do you have tensorboardX installed? Also make sure not to have TUNE_DISABLE_AUTO_CALLBACK_LOGGERS environment variable set

I have tensorboardx. I am running ray tune with tensorflow 2.0. Ray tune is not outputting the events file that can be used for tensorboard. I have install ray by pip install ray[default]. Could you please tell me how can I make ray tune output the events file. Thanks

What version of ray and tensorboardX do you have?

There was a bug in 1.5.2 that required pytorch to be installed for adding the default TensorBoard logging callback when using Tune. Seems to be fixed in the 1.6.0. Here you can see where the default callbacks are being added: