Ray tune not outputting events file for tensorboard

I am running ray tune with tensorflow 2.0. Ray tune is not outputting the events file that can be used for tensorboard. I have install ray by pip install ray[default]. Could you please tell me how can I make ray tune output the events file? Thanks

Hey @Arif_Jahangir Tensorboard logging should be enabled by default. What version of Ray do you have? Do you have tensorboardX installed? Also make sure not to have TUNE_DISABLE_AUTO_CALLBACK_LOGGERS environment variable set

I have tensorflow version 1.15.5 and ray version ‘1.5.2’. When I use trainner it is outputting events file that can be used with tensorboard but when I use ray tune it does not output the events file for tensorboardx. I am using windows 10

Sorry what version of tensorboardX, not tensorflow, do you have?

Just making sure that you have tensorboardX installed. In general you need to use pip install ray[tune] in order to install the additional dependencies needed for Tune.

1.15.0 tensorboard version

I have seen this article

Could that be the problem?

Yeah, possibly. Could you also follow the steps in that issue and share your stdout?

My output is as follows. Everything is running but it is not outputting events file for tensorboard

(pid=5116) 2021-08-16 13:36:15,160 INFO trainer.py:706 – Tip: set framework=tfe or the --eager flag to enable TensorFlow eager execution
(pid=5116) 2021-08-16 13:36:15,160 WARNING ppo.py:135 – train_batch_size (4000) cannot be achieved with your other settings (num_workers=3 num_envs_per_worker=1 rollout_fragment_length=200)! Auto-adjusting rollout_fragment_length to 1333.
(pid=5116) 2021-08-16 13:36:15,161 INFO trainer.py:718 – Current log_level is WARN. For more information, set ‘log_level’: ‘INFO’ / ‘DEBUG’ or use the -v and -vv flags.
(pid=5116) 2021-08-16 13:37:06,648 INFO trainable.py:106 – Trainable.setup took 51.918 seconds. If your trainable is slow to initialize, consider setting reuse_actors=True to reduce actor creation overheads.
(pid=5116) 2021-08-16 13:37:06,654 WARNING util.py:55 – Install gputil for GPU system monitoring.

Is this all that’s being printed out? Would you be able to send the entirety of your stdout? You can redirect all of this to a file to make it easier by following the steps here: User Guide & Configuring Tune — Ray v2.0.0.dev0