Custom path for ~/ray_results without using Tune

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Just as the title says, I need to store the logs that are stored in ~/ray_results by default, somewhere else instead.

I found an old post that doesn’t really work for my purpose anymore: python - Change Logdir of Ray RLlib Training instead of ~/ray_results - Stack Overflow

This shouldn’t be such a complex thing to do, so I have come here seeking help. I just need to save the ~/ray_results elsewhere so I can access them and actually process them. I have a PPOConfig() object that I used to build() my algo object in code. I’m guessing there should be some option relating to the path in PPOConfig().debugging() maybe? I don’t know. Please advise.

I solved it in the next way:

from ray.tune.logger import UnifiedLogger
def logger_creator(config):
    return UnifiedLogger(config, EXP_FOLDER_NAME, loggers=None)

God bless you. Thanks