Syncing files to and from Ray Cluster

Pardon my lack of knowlegde.
If I understand correctly when using Cluster Launcher I have and option to set file_mounts and it syncs files to all nodes and then I can use ‘ray rsync-down’ to download files from Cluster head.

How could I do those things while the using Cluster Operator instead of Cluster Launcher?

This is a great question - syncing files up can be handled using the “working_dir” setting of Runtime environments.

Syncing files up can be handled using the working_dir setting of runtime environments:

I don’t think we currently have a built-in answer for syncing files down.
I’ve opened a feature request:

Come to think of it, kubectl cp is an option here.

Sorry for my slow reply. Your answear helped me very much and I really do appreciate your help.

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