Specify ssh port to cluster YAMLs

Can I specify the ssh port for each node in local cluster case?

For example:

    type: local
    head_ip: "<head_hostname>:<port>"
    worker_ips: ["<worker_hostname_1>:<port>", "<worker_hostname_2>:<port>"]

cc @thomasdesr Can address this question?

Hi @manos , No you cannot do that. I don’t understand why do you need to specify a port. The local cluster means that you have say 10 nodes, each has its own IP, so what the port means here?

Hey @manos !

Are you trying to specify different ports per host or just a single port for all hosts?

As Ameer mentioned I don’t think you can set that because those fields are used for more than just configuring SSH.

One workaround you could try here is specifying the host -> port mapping in your ssh_config at ~/.ssh/config. E.g.

Host head_hostname
    Port 12345

Host worker_hostname_*
    Port 54321

Thank you all for the quick response!

Indeed, the ideal workaround will be the ssh_config. All nodes are added to ssh_config but it doesn’t work. If I try manually to ssh my server, it works. I get the following error:

<1/1> Setting up head node
  Prepared bootstrap config
2021-01-22 11:35:16,799 INFO node_provider.py:93 -- ClusterState: Writing cluster state: ['head_node']
  New status: waiting-for-ssh
  [1/7] Waiting for SSH to become available
    Running `uptime` as a test.
    SSH still not available ([Errno -2] Name or service not known), retrying in 5 seconds.

Should I specify the ssh_config? Is there any way to increase verbose messages?

Thank you in advance