Setup stunnel for external communication

Hi Everyone!

I understand that the core components of ray had been developed in C++. These components are responsible for the connection between head node and worker nodes. So that kindly advise whether we can configure stunnel kind of things for the communication if the worker nodes are sitting in external network and if we want to secure the connection.

Is that possible? Please kindly help on this.
If any other workaround is there, kindly advise me.

My intention is to secure the connection between head node and worker node.

Thank you!

I don’t think there is currently a good way to do this.

Can you say more about why the connection between the head node and worker nodes is insecure in your setup?

Note that the communication between nodes is all to all, so worker nodes talk to other worker nodes.

Hi Robert Nishihara!

Thank for your prompt reply. I’m referring this:

Our clusters are sitting on AWS and our head node is sitting within our own private network.
So the connection between head node and worker nodes are insecure. meaning to say , communication between our private network and AWS clusters are public and it’s only having redis password authentication for protection. So that, are there any ways to encrypt the connection or use ssl? Appreciate your advise on this.