Worker node workers/cores aren't not working

Hi chen,

Thank you for clearing my doubt, but i have one more doubt.

Im having a python code where in ray.init(_node_ip_address=‘ipaddress’, _redis_password=‘password’), and my laptop where i run this code is now a head node right, then later with the information im connecting another worker node but the problem is it’s cores are not being used. How do i make sure with the nodes connected are using all their cores and another problem is that in my ray dashboard i can see that worker node is connected but not in my cmd when i enter ray status. To connect worker I used command in cmd as administrator # ray start --address=head-node-ip:port --node-ip-address= --redis-password=

please help me with this, i’m in a urgent situation

thank you for your help always

Seems like this is a fundamental issue with Logging that is breaking ray.

Can you open this as a github issue and post a reproducible script?