`serve run` doesn't seem to honour `-h` option in ray 2.0.0

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Hi there,

I’m trying to execute serve run inside the official container (ray:latest-py39-cpu) and noticed that the HTTP requests outside the container can’t get through (-p is specified in docker run). Later I realised that serve run binds to by default, which is supposed to be only local to the container itself. I made a few unsuccessful attempts in specifying --host option mentioned in serve run; ray discards the new IP because it’s “different” from the global one. Being new to ray, I hope I used the CLI correctly. Although using the host network in docker run could work around the issue, it’s probably undesired for the sake of isolation. Perhaps there is a better way to deal with the issue? Thanks in advance!


Hi @chenkai036, thanks for posting! This is a known issue in Ray 2.0.0, and it’s being tracked as a GitHub issue. This comment explains how to get around it for now.

Thanks @shrekris for the info & the temporary workaround. Also looking forward to the fix soon!