`seq_lens` is missing from trained policy TF signature in Ray 1.4

Hi Ray team,

I’ve used Ray 1.3 and now I’m testing Ray 1.4 to upgrade Ray version for my product.
During my test, I realized that I couldn’t find seq_lens input information from the trained model. I’m not sure this is on purpose or not.

is my simplified test code.

with Ray 1.4

saved_model_cli show --dir /tmp/PPO/cartpole/PPO_CartPole-v0_98860_00000_0_num_sgd_iter\=20\,sgd_minibatch_size\=512\,train_batch_size\=1000_2021-06-14_11-01-51/model --tag_set serve --signature_def serving_default

I couldn’t find sqs_lens
however with Ray 1.3

saved_model_cli show --dir /tmp/PPO/cartpole/PPO_CartPole-v0_fd622_00000_0_num_sgd_iter\=10\,sgd_minibatch_size\=128\,train_batch_size\=1000_2021-06-14_11-04-40/model --tag_set serve --signature_def serving_default

It has

 inputs['seq_lens'] tensor_info:
      dtype: DT_INT32
      shape: (-1)
      name: default_policy/seq_lens:0

I was wondering if Ray 1.4 doesn’t include sqs_lens in the trained TF model on purpose or not.

Thank you.

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Hi @sven1977
Do you have any idea about it?

Thank you.

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