Hi, I’m new to using ray rllib, need some support.

I’m following the blog post on Anyscale - Reinforcement Learning with RLlib in the Unity Game Engine and trying to run the unity3D environment.

OS - Windows, have initiated the virtual env and install all the dependencies.

The UnityEnvironment.exe created on the Unity version is specified in the blogpost.

The program does move from any further after this step,

python --env 3DBall --num-workers 1 --file-name C:\Users\ \Desktop\raylib-project\3DBall\UnityEnvironment.exe
2021-09-29 09:55:37,251 INFO – View the Ray dashboard at

Great article! @sven1977 I just realized the author of the blog post is you. My project directory looks as below.

Due to the Python version 3.8.10 (earlier, 3.8.2), I later adjusted the firewall settings and the package version. I’ll close this thread.