How to run in parallel

In the function, I set num_workers>0. Is it possible to perform parallel operations?
I know that in the rllib environment, rllib_env_vector inherits gym.env. When the gym environment is running, rollout_worker will automatically create a vector environment. Can unity3d_env be created automatically? In Reinforcement Learning with RLlib in the Unity Game Engine | by Sven Mika | Distributed Computing with Ray | Medium,

In RLlib, a “worker” is a parallelized Ray process that runs in the background, collecting data from its own copy of the environment (the compiled game) and sending this data to a centralized “driver” process (basically our script). Each worker has its own copy of the neural network, which it uses to compute actions for each game frame.

We set num_workers=2. But inside the attached program

 #For running in editor, force to use just one Worker (we only have
 # one Unity running)!
 "num_workers": args.num_workers if args.file_name else 0,

Do I need to manually open the two environments. At this time, the two environments have the same ip and port. Will this affect it? Do I need to write a vectorized environment function?

Hey @robot-xyh , yes, it’s possible (and you should do this if you really want to learn a harder env, like the ones with image spaces or requiring an LSTM). You should compile your game in the Unity editor, then follow this blogpost’s instructions here:

Where I talk about the soccer example (not the simper 3DBall one). :slight_smile: